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Expo XT collects and analyzes data for agent queues.

Are you considering investing in an attendant console to manage your customer calls? Before you make the decision, consider taking advantage of Microsoft Teams' native queueing capabilities.

With Expo XT's Collaboration Analytics and Insights for Call Queues, you can control your customer calls without sacrificing key performance indicators, costs, or the complexity of managing third-party solutions.

Get all the benefits of an attendant console without the added expense and complexity. Try Expo XT's Collaboration Analytics and Insights for Call Queues today and take control of your customer calls with ease.

Our preset filters will steer users in the right direction. Get as granular as you want filter down to the week/day/hour. This data may include information about meeting frequency and duration, participant numbers, and device usage.

Organizations can track the impact of their agent's performance and how it is impacting their business objectives, and make any necessary adjustments to their strategies or processes.

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